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At Harmon Accounting, nothing is as important to us as the success of your home or business. We customize our audits to fit your specific needs- first understanding the unique make-up of your business and, second, creating an audit approach that tailors to those needs. By customizing our approach, we can ensure an efficient and accurate audit. 


As outside, independent auditors, we provide an objective opinion on the fairness of our clients' financial frameworks. By employing Harmon Accounting as your independent auditor, we can ensure that responsibility and control of your business remain safely in the hands. Though we are invested in your success and prosperity, we recognize that it is you who is in control and we strive to support you in your financial means.


Quality care is an important foundation of Harmon Accounting. Ensuring objective audits promotes this quality care and provides you with the information necessary to grow and better your business.


At no point in the auditing process will our clients find themselves absent of control. We'll keep you informed every step of the way. Whether you're a first-time business owner, a seasoned owner, or the head of your own household, your satisfaction is important to Harmon Accounting. We only succeed by providing you with the highest quality of care possible. 


Meet our certified public accountants and their dedicated staff using the button below. 

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Frequently Asked Questions


Q-What is an audit?

A- An audit is a systematic examination of accounts, payroll, books, records, documents, and vouchers of an organization.


Q- Why is auditing important?

A- Through auditing, an accountant can determine to what extent finances and non-financial disclosures are recorded and maintained. Auditing acts as a failsafe to make sure finances are being accurately maintained in compliance with state and federal law.


Q- How does an audit work?

A- One of our certified and dedicated accountants will review your business's books and accounts to make sure that there are no irregularities or missteps.


Q- What do I do with an audit?

A- As a result of an audit, businesses can effectually manage risk and maintain more accurate books. Audits also provide investors with a fair and accurate presentation of a company's finances.



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