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Read about the history of Harmon & Associates 

In 2009, James and Loren opened Harmon Accounting in Columbiana, Alabama,  with no head start or base of clientele from which to grow. James quickly earned a reputation for his capabilities, sincerity, and commitment to the success and wellbeing of his clients. Owing to his determination and strong skillset, along with Loren’s business acuity, the couple built a successful  firm from the ground up. 

In 2010, James joined forces with Harry C. Harrison, a CPA with a small firm in Alabaster. Like James, Harry had built his firm from nothing, beginning in 1983, so, when he began his retirement planning, he was committed to finding someone he trusted to take the helm. It did not take long for Harry to decide that James was the person he had been looking for. In 2015, Harry C Harrison, CPA Firm was absorbed into Harmon Accounting, LLC. 


In 2014, James began communicating with Byron Tanner, a CPA with a small firm in Hoover. Byron’s story was the same as Harry’s: he built his practice, beginning in 1996, and it was important to him to take his time to hand-select the individual to whom he would entrust the welfare of his clients. It did not take long for Byron to recognize that he had found the right person, and he and James stayed in close contact, often working together on special projects, until Byron decided it was time to move towards retirement. In 2019, Byron Tanner, CPA firm was absorbed into Harmon Accounting, LLC. 

In 2019, James and Loren renamed the practice Harmon and Associates and purchased the 6,000 square foot office building in Pelham and, in 2020, moved the Alabaster and Hoover offices into the single space, allowing for the complete merging of practices, improving efficiency through streamlining of procedures and processes. Paper waste is reduced, logistical complications are resolved, and technological services are properly addressed. Employees have more work space, more privacy, and larger and stronger support networks. Clients have a greatly improved place to come when meeting with their CPAs and accountants.  

In 2022, Randy C. Allinder, a CPA with a small firm located north of Birmingham in the small town of Sumiton joined Harmon & Associates, and the Sumiton office location became an outpost location for Harmon & Associates. 

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